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BeVictory Vocal School opened in Russia


On 22nd November in the Year of Volunteer, in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow the special event titled 'Stars of Mercy’ took place: the first international Video-casting agency BigNameChat.com was launched (its chief producer is Ekaterina Selezneva) and Victoria Belova's On-line Vocal School BeVictory using Seth Riggs’s vocal technique was opened. Victoria Belova, singer and actress (known as the 'Russian Voice of Hollywood’), is the first Russian official representative of the Hollywood vocal system of Seth Riggs – she has brought Seth Riggs's vocal technique to Russia and to the former Soviet Union and adapted it for Slavic- speaking singers. The international act of charity produced by the Video-casting agency BigNameChat.com and Victoria Belova's On-line Vocal School BeVictory using Seth Riggs’s vocal technique is an act of creating a musically developmental game of augmented reality teaching compassion for famous people.



musicians, producers, performers, actors, directors came to this celebration of charity and mercy to support the unique project and give their compliments to Victoria Belova and Ekaterina Selezneva.



Among them were: Anastasya Volochkova, Natalia Tolstay, Nikas Safronov, Alexander Shulgin, Ali Levshin, Vladimir Levkin, Cornelia Mango, Vadim Kolganov, Alyona Babenko, Igor Kornilov, Lev Prygunov, Eugene Gerchakov, ballet group ‘Sto-Litsa’, and others. Kevin J Mccoy, ex lead singer of Bad Boys Blue, world-famous pop group, was a special guest at this unique event. He was the one who had the honour, along with Victoria Belova and Ekaterina Selezneva, to cut the ribbon of celestial-blue as a symbol of opening the BeVictory Vocal School to declare it to everyone.



The charity act was supported by Gosha Kutsenko’s foundation ‘Step Together’ (Ludmila Solovyova, coordinator) and by non-profit movement ‘In Business’ (Ksenia Razuvayeva, leader). Ekaterina Selezneva told the guests about the first international Video-casting agency BigNameChat.com – an entirely new and unique service. It enables you to connect to your favourite celebrity at any time! The international Video-casting agency BigNameChat.com was introduced at Cannes in October 2013 as one the most innovative Russian media projects, and there it announced the opening of the BeVictory On-line Vocal School. Singer and actress Victoria Belova gave an unforgettable concert. Her star-students such as Lev Prygunov and Hristo Kirilov also sang in the concert both solo and in duet with Victoria. Hristo Kirilov, the ‘Golden Guitar of Europe’, played his masterly compositions.





The concert opened with the unforgettable performance by Victoria Belova and ballet group ‘Sto-Litsa’ choreographed by George Bagaturia. The guests enjoyed the group’s impressive performance several times during the evening. Cornelia Mango and Victoria Belova sang a magnificent vocal improvisation. After that Victoria kindly invited Cornelia to work with the BeVictory School. The evening was hosted by a famous TV presenter Anton Zorkin who had also taken vocal lessons from Victoria Belova which he proved in the end of the evening when he performed a song brilliantly.



Words of greetings from maestro Seth Riggs from Hollywood and from Vera Brezhneva were broadcasted. Vera has been coached by Victoria Belova for a long time. The famous actress couldn’t be at the event because she had her own concert the same night but she sent her sincere compliments to Victoria. Anastasya Volochkova, famous Russian ballerina, also congratulated Victoria Belova on the opening of her school. Victoria is her vocal teacher. Anastasya emphasized not only Victoria’s unique teaching gift but her excellent singing talent. Angelica Agurbash, Oskar Kuchera, Andrey Merzlikin, Anton and Victoria Makarsky, Sergei Zverev, Oksana Fedorova, Vika Tsyganova, Alex Glizin, and many other famous people brought their compliments. The evening will be hard to forget because David Lisovsky, a 15-year-old from St Petersburg suffering from cerebral palsy, performed in the concert. It’s thanks to his on-line lessons with Victoria and in a very short time the boy started to sing and to sit in a chair longer which he had not been able to do before. His vocal talent opened and his physical condition improved greatly, and, according to his mother Julia, he is getting better every day. David diligently and in a very touching manner sang ‘Prayer’ by Bi-2. His open heart sang and the whole audience was singing along. No one was untouched, there were tears in people’s eyes. Ludmila Solovyova (Gosha Kutsenko’s foundation) thanked Victoria for the invitation, gave a present to David and a testimonial diploma to Victoria for the significant creative concern the singer had shown for people suffering from cerebral palsy. Gosha Kutsenko’s foundation ‘Step together’ is helping such children. Victoria has taken part in charity concerts organized by the foundation. Among the sponsors of this celebration of good deeds there were Lavazza coffee and the constant ‘sweet’ partner in Victoria Belova’s creative charity projects – the well-known Swiss company ‘Nestlé’. Special thanks to these two companies.



Every guest of the evening received a sweet present from Nestlé and enjoyed the flavour of the most delicious world-famous coffee. Special thanks to The Moscow Times for the informational support. BeVictory Vocal School and the International Video-casting agency BigNameChat.com are the long-awaited know-how in the world of creativity! BeVictory Vocal School and the International Video-casting agency BigNameChat.com are waiting for their participants! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ErAPK3A_N4 - Opening of Victoria Belova’s Vocal School BEVictory: Maestro Seth Riggs (Hollywood), Vera Brezhneva, Anastasya Volochkova, Lev Prygunov, Anton Zorkin and others talk about Victoria and her school. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shw-zVHtnV8&list=U.. - TV show No secrets with Victoria Belova on MTV channel. http://www.victoriabellova.com



Victoria Belova’s Press centre photo by Alexander Pirozhenko